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Sermon Archives

Now you can listen to our messages online or download them to your MP3 player. You can listen while traveling, sitting at your computer, or during your workout. The MP3 files contain only the message portion of the worship service.

  • Click the listen online link to open an MP3 player window, or
  • Click the download link to save the file to your computer.

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10.11.2009 October 2009 Mission's Month listen online
  My Witnesses to the Remotest Part of the Earth download
  Henri Aoun
Acts 1:8
04.26.2009 Empowering the Urban Poor listen online
  Strategies and Philosophies of World Impact download
  Dr. Keith Phillips
Luke 4:18; Acts 1:8
04.19.2009 People Must Either Receive or Reject Jesus Christ listen online
  The decision will determine our eternal destiny download
  George Garcia
Luke 23:26-55
03.22.2009 Let the Church be Church listen online
  We are to promote God's kingdom, not our own download
  Karel Sanders
Matt. 24:14; Psalm 67:1-3
10.26.2008 Demonstrate the Faith You Proclaim listen online
  Faith with works is compelling, transforming, and attractive download
  Dr. Keith Phillips
James 2:14-17
10.19.2008 Enigmatic Providence of God listen online
  God is having His way in China download
  Dr. Graham Houghton
10.05.2008 The Church has a Mission in this World listen online
  We are all Called to be Disciples download
  Marvin Rickard
John 17:18-22
09.21.2008 God is Not Dead listen online
  God can do great things when we have faith in Him download
  Bob Hilts
Nehemiah 1:1-11

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