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Sermon Archives

Now you can listen to our messages online or download them to your MP3 player. You can listen while traveling, sitting at your computer, or during your workout. The MP3 files contain only the message portion of the worship service.

  • Click the listen online link to open an MP3 player window, or
  • Click the download link to save the file to your computer.

Select a speaker name to filter this list:

08.06.2017 Life With A Purpose listen online
  Hans Wilhelm
07.30.2017 A Community of Encouragers listen online
  Roger Edrington
Heb:10:24-45, Thess5:14
07.30.2017 Faith on Solid Ground-Part 3 listen online
  Why Does God Allow Evil? download
  Greg Enos
07.23.2017 A Community of Unity listen online
  Roger Edrington
Eph 4:1-6
07.23.2017 Faith on Solid Ground-Part 2 listen online
  Can We Trust the Bible? download
  Greg Enos
07.16.2017 A Community of Forgivers listen online
  Roger Edrington
Colossians 3:12-14
07.16.2017 Faith on Solid Ground-Part 1 listen online
  Evidence for the Resurrection download
  Greg Enos
07.09.2017 Heaven listen online
  Part 8 download
  Brad Abley

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